Patient management

Mayden Pathways Stepping Stones

Between primary and secondary care there is a wide range of services – often community-based, multi-agency and multi-disciplinary in nature – that require easy yet secure access to patient records.

These organisations need to access their patients’ data wherever they are, yet know that their records are safe and secure.

They need basic tasks like registration, episode management, appointment booking, and the recording of contacts and notes to be quick and efficient.

They need to have control over what data needs to be collected for their service (above and beyond any minimum data sets), and have the flexibility to change and evolve. And they also want to be able to get their data out as meaningful information that can help them improve their service further.

We understand the complex needs of these healthcare organisations, which is why over 80 organisations are using our web-based software to run one or more of their community services, ranging from psychological therapies to cardiac care.

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