Mayden provides end-to-end managed web applications and bespoke system development to the healthcare sector. We specialise in innovative, flexible and cloud-based software solutions. We are driven by the desire to add real value to healthcare by developing applications that have the power to change the way services are delivered by staff, and experienced by patients. Our products and services fall within four key areas:

Mayden Pathways logo
Patient management
Our unique software, Pathways, is used across a range of community services from talking therapies to orthopaedics. iaptus, specifically designed for psychological therapies, is used by over 80 organisations country-wide including NHS, private and third sector providers.

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Operational management
Our innovative software provides a powerful set of integrated tools to manage programmes and workflows, especially those involving teams in a single or multiple locations. With built-in client relationship, task, content and time/resource management, our system underpins all the day to day activities for your staff and organisation. Put your productivity into Orbit.

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Service assessment
Our flexible assessment tools are used by organisations to monitor the performance and delivery of services across a range of NHS policies, programmes and initiatives. Assure clients include the National Cancer Action Team and the National End of Life Care team.

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Secure hosting
Our M3 service allows us to host sensitive healthcare applications on the internet or N3 network. With dedicated fibre links into multiple data centre locations, we can provide a variety of cloud hosting configurations to meet the requirements of any organisation. In addition to access via N3, we also offer the option of access from non-NHS locations using the internet via our secure VPN with the added security of two factor authentication.