TechUk Podcast: How Does Mayden Define Interoperability in Healthcare?

define interoperability

For the past 20 years, Mayden has been creating insightful and interoperable healthcare software, working with over 30 partners. Fiona (Fi) Dawson, Director at Mayden, has led the curation of these partnerships for the past 5 years, both in terms of the relationships and the data and technical requirements. But how does Mayden define interoperability and how does it support the wider healthcare ecosystem? 

define interoperability

As an advocate for the health informatics profession – both as a BCS Fellow and FEDIP Leading Practitioner, Fi is passionate about what technology can do to support healthcare, and in particular, mental health.

How does Mayden define interoperability?

You can define interoperability in healthcare as when different systems connect and exchange information securely with one another. Patients often engage with many different services across health and social care during their diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from mental health conditions. At Mayden, we recognise the need for interoperability between clinical systems across the NHS and the range of digital therapeutic interventions that are in use in services.

Although definitions of interoperability are varied, the notion of systems “working together” is fairly consistent. However, we at Mayden believe that isn’t just about sharing demographic data using a mandated standard.

“For me, working together is not just about transacting data. Instead, how can we go beyond this to share information and insights so that clinicians are better able to support patients and patients get better outcomes?”

Fi was recently invited to speak at TechUk’s Interoperability Podcast, bringing her technical expertise, dataset standards experience in mental health and network across a range of systems and suppliers:

Mayden has extensive experience of interoperability projects working across the healthcare ecosystem, from large Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems to digital health apps. Mayden is a member of INTEROpen and actively engaged in the TechUK health tech community, recently hosting the South West roundtable.

Improving interoperability in healthcare, together:

Interoperability in healthcare has trust at its heart, both at an organisational level as well as a data and technical level. Recent global attacks on health tech have highlighted that in order to ensure trust, cyber security must feature in our approach to interoperability. Bringing together the TechUK communities in health tech and cyber security would help build an informed and robust approach to trusted partnerships, providing benefit to members, NHS services and patients alike.

“Let's get the basics done, then move beyond that to work together as an industry and together realise the true potential of interoperability for the benefit of us all.”

Mayden prioritises interoperability between our EPR, iaptus, and other providers of digital tools; whether that’s patient facing health apps or specialist clinical software.

If you are interested in partnering with us on an interoperability project, please get in touch.

About Mayden:

Mayden is the company behind iaptus, the market leading psychological therapy patient management system which has over 40,000 users both in the UK and abroad. iaptus is used by over 200 clinical services, including 100 NHS customers and supports the care of 65% of all referrals to NHS adult talking therapy services (IAPT).

Learn about some of our Interoperability Partnerships:


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