[Press Release] Mayden Featured in The Guardian’s Future of Healthcare Report

Future of Healthcare report

Today, March 18th 2023, Mayden has been featured in the Guardian’s Future of Healthcare report. Rising demand, an ageing population and historical lack of funding is resulting in healthcare services that are in crisis. At Mayden we believe that technology and data will play a key role in rethinking how healthcare is delivered to create sustainable healthcare systems.

Technology needs to be embedded in services, seen not just as a tool for capturing clinical data, but as a fundamental part of service delivery and improvement. Only then will we truly start to make progress.

Collecting and using personalised data is already the norm in other sectors such as banking and retail. Data driven healthcare is an inevitability – it’s just a question of when.

Founding Director Chris May met with a journalist to talk about how treatment-outcome data can address some of healthcare’s biggest challenges. The article was circulated in The Future of Healthcare report in The Guardian. You can read the article online here.

“Mayden has been pioneering the use of data in the delivery of healthcare services for over 20 years. Great strides have been made in that time, but it is still not enough”, says May. “Healthcare services will not keep up with demand, nor be able to deliver the quality of care that we expect for ourselves and our loved ones if we do not accept that the world is changing and the NHS must evolve with it. Patient expectations around their interactions with services have changed, escalated in part due to covid, and technology itself has advanced. Technology is not the single solution to this increasing pressure, but it can help significantly reduce the burden on our overstretched services”.


Chris May founded Mayden over 20 years ago, in the belief that healthcare could and should be constantly improving. And that data and technology would be at the heart of driving those improvements. That’s why Mayden developed iaptus, clinical software for healthcare services. iaptus now has around 40,000 users working in over 200 clinical services, including 100 NHS organisations, and between them delivering two thirds of Talking Therapies services in England.


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