[Press Release] Mayden team publishes new book: Made Without Managers

Made Without Managers

Almost 10 years ago, Mayden started to explore a move away from a traditional management structure based on a people hierarchy. We knew that with the right frameworks and support in place, teams could manage themselves and their work, and leaders could emerge from anywhere in the business. We chose to move to a self-managing organisation because we believed it was best for our customers, innovation, customer service and employees.

In the years since, we’ve been on a journey of continuous improvement – refining our processes and working together to build the self-managing company that we are today. As more companies begin recognising the benefits of increased autonomy, creativity and innovation, self management is becoming increasingly popular and more companies are embarking on their own journeys. Our team gets asked a lot of questions about our working arrangements, “who makes decisions?”, “who do people go to for support?”, “what about line management responsibilities?”.

It is unsurprising that people are curious. Whilst we were on our own journey, we found little in the way of real world accounts and examples of companies that had been through the process. So our team decided to write a book.

“Made Without Managers: one company’s story of creating a self-managing workplace”

Made Without Managers provides real world practical insights and guidance on transitioning to new ways of working, outlining how we successfully moved from traditional hierarchy to a flat organisation, led by self-managing teams.

We hope that by sharing what we have learnt, our book can benefit any organisation that’s looking for more forward-thinking ways of working – ways that have the potential to unlock remarkable levels of empowerment, creativity, collaboration and productivity.

Alison Sturgess-Durden was recently featured in Bath Life Magazine, where she talks about our innovative way of working.

You can buy Made Without Managers here.



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