Digital Health Rewired: Exploring Innovation with Healthcare Leaders

Digital Health Rewired

Digital Health Rewired is a key event for NHS leaders celebrating the best of digital health and technology. The conference took place online this year and featured more than 300 speakers with presentations, roundtables and events over five days. We were very pleased to exhibit and attend the event virtually last month. 

Naturally, a key theme of this year’s event was the impact that the pandemic has had on healthcare, and specifically on transforming attitudes to digital. Saffron Cordery, Chief Executive of NHS Providers explained that ‘Covid has put digital at the heart of organisations’ core purpose […] The question now is, how do we identify and lock in the beneficial changes, to deliver genuine digital transformation?’

In a conversation about the tipping point that the NHS has reached with digital transformation, Matthew Gould, CEO of NHSX shared this parting message:

The future for the NHS and social care needs to have digital transformation at its heart. If we’re to not just meet the backlog but meet rising demand and expectations, we can’t continue to do what we’ve always done. Digital can transform and enhance care for patients – every trust board has a duty to make sure we use that potential.

We, too, believe that digital is an essential component in the development and delivery of sustainable, efficient and cost effective healthcare. Over the past decade, our work has been to develop a dynamic digital care pathway in the iaptus EPR to support the transformation of services.

We saw the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare services first hand and at scale. We have been blown away by how quickly our customers were able to respond to the pandemic and to continue to treat their patients, remotely. Having embraced technology in the preceding years, they were able to scale their digital provision, rather than beginning from scratch.

Early in the pandemic, we launched our integrated video feature and in the coming months, will be releasing some other exciting additions to this pathway. These include the use of machine learning to provide clinicians and service managers with data-driven insights that can help them to improve the patient experience, increase engagement and streamline care. At the event, we shared an overview of the iaptus digital care pathway which you can view here.

Opportunities for interoperability were also high on the agenda at Digital Health Rewired. Grahame Grieve, founder of Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FIHR) – the global industry standard for passing healthcare data between systems – shared his ambitions to break the silos within healthcare, to stop patients ‘falling through the gaps’ between different care systems, and to ensure that care in the future ‘pivots around the patient.’

At Mayden, we believe that high quality treatment relies upon those involved in a patient’s care being able to collaborate, with access to all appropriate and relevant patient data – no matter where it is stored. There are few types of system developments that have as great an impact on either clinicians or patients.

Interoperability is something we have worked tirelessly to prioritise for the iaptus EPR, and we are working with 30 different partners on this initiative. In 2020, we saw 374,317 treatment sessions safely and securely passed from our digital health partners back into iaptus. View the summary we shared at the conference to learn more.

If you have an interest in any of these topics, or to find out more about how the iaptus EPR can support the digital transformation of your service, please get in touch. We look forward to talking with you.


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