Mayden Orbit Screen Shot

Orbit is our innovative operational management software which provides a powerful set of integrated tools to manage programmes and workflows, especially those involving teams across multiple locations. It includes all the functions that are required to manage complex tasks including:

Contact Management

Orbit allows you to keep records of all organisations, and associated people that you communicate with. You are able to store basic information such as contact details, but you are also able to use tags to group together different organisations or people that share a common feature. Examples of tags often used include ‘client’, ‘supplier’- but these tags can be created or renamed to allow you to group in any way that is required.

Content Management

Within orbit, you are able to upload documents, or create library pages with important information that you wish to share with other members of your team. This means that regardless of location, every member of your team can access the same information.

Task Management

The task functionality within orbit allows you to create tasks and assign them to yourself, others, or whole teams. You are able to create task lists, which are then broken down into smaller tasks which can be delegated to members of staff to complete. This functionality allows you to have a clear view of all the individual components involved in a project and the people involved.

Each member of staff will have their own homepage which shows the tasks that they are responsible for completing. Staff then are able to add actions to their tasks detailing any work they have done relating to that task, which is then viewable by other members of the team- thus keeping everyone up to date on progress. Staff are also asked to allocate the time associated with each task, which automatically populates their time sheet and allows the team to see the amount of time that has been spent on the project as a whole. This is the perfect way to coordinate and manage complex projects and programmes, especially when team members are working from different locations.

Orbit also includes functionality for time management, invoicing, help desk support and marketing.

It’s so good, we use it to run our company.

For more information about Orbit, and how it could benefit your organisation, please visit the Orbit website.