Operational management

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Many organisations involved in the healthcare sector require collaborative team working across multiple locations. This can be a real challenge, particularly when teams need to coordinate to manage complex projects or programmes. It is also often difficult to keep track of time and resources utilised on a project basis which can make invoicing and billing difficult.

Often, important information can get lost, isn’t shared or communicated with the rest of the team. Gaps appear in processes and opportunities or deadlines get missed. We understand the need for organisations to have software that is easy to use, and that doesn’t burden staff. We pride ourselves on creating software that people want to use because it makes their jobs easier. Our operational management software is no exception.

Designed with collaborative team working in mind, Orbit combines a sophisticated address book and contact database, project and task management tools, marketing and communications tools, diary, timesheet, document uploads and a library with content management functions. Orbit provides organisations with a fully integrated system for managing almost any administrative, quality assurance or customer relationship service.

Which is why we use it ourselves.

And why the London Quality Assurance Reference Centre is using Orbit to manage the cancer screening services across London.

If you are struggling to manage a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary service and your IT is not helping – we are confident that we can help.

You can find out more about Orbit here, or feel free to contact us for more information about how Orbit could support you.