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What’s next for EPRs?

This virtual roundtable will discuss the evolving role of the EPR and how it will need to develop to support clinicians and patients as the delivery of care changes, and our care services become more digitally mature.


The session will specifically question:

  • What do we mean by usability, and how can EPRs ensure they are meeting these criteria?
  • What can EPRs learn from consumer tech and emerging technologies?
  • How do we ensure effective workflow and pathway re-design in a world of integrated care?
  • How will integration and data sharing look in ten years’ time – will the separation of applications from patient data be the norm and what does this mean for EPRs?
  • How will tech be supporting patients to engage with their medical records, and with services? And what does this mean for EPRs?
  • Where lies the biggest opportunities for analysing data to ensure high quality care for patients?

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