Neurodiversity Celebration Week: Supporting children, young people, and their families

In our recent visit to London for the BACP’s Children Young People and Families Conference, we got to meet with many private practitioners to discuss the challenges and opportunities of working with neurodiversity in supporting children, young people, and their families.

The event was an enriching experience, fostering meaningful conversations among private practitioners about the daily challenges they face. It was great to meet so many of them and be able to exchange ideas about the ways that we can better support children and their families.

Attendees had the chance to hear from a variety of speakers, including clinicians and topic experts, who provided valuable insights into the lived experiences of neurodiverse individuals. They also offered practical strategies and tips for practitioners to implement in their work, boosting their ability to provide effective support through therapy and counselling.

CYPF conference highlights 2024

At the conference, practitioners heard from speakers about the need to look at the whole system around a child or young person, their past and present experiences, and to engage their family in order to achieve better outcomes.

They shared helpful advice on the characteristics of those with neurodivergence, how therapists can adapt in sessions to help young people who may struggle with verbal communication to talk about their feelings and emotions, and to help them with their symptoms of anxiety. Connecting with a neurodivergent child or young person is important but can be challenging. One of the most compelling messages of the day was that we can show an individual that we accept them, for all of them.

Neurodiversity Celebration Week:

For those who couldn’t attend, on-demand access to session recordings is available on the BACP website. You’ll also find some BACP resources below such as the highlights video of the conference and the speakers’ thoughts and comments on Neurodiversity Celebration Week.


Neurodiversity Celebration Week – BACP
BACP CYPF Conference Highlights
On-demand content from BACP

Overall, our experience at the CYPF Conference reaffirmed Mayden’s commitment to supporting mental health practitioners and driving positive change in the industry, and we look forward to continuing these conversations.

How does iaptus support private practices?

Our customisable electronic patient record software, iaptus, is designed to support therapists and clinicians in the smooth running and growth of their practice. By promoting accessibility, flexibility, and personalised care, iaptus and its features enhance the efficiency of mental health practitioners and therefore help improve outcomes for neurodiverse patients too. You can find out more information here.


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