Our User Experience Team Improve National Reporting for iaptus Users

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At Mayden, we understand the importance of collaboration. We believe that great things happen when we’re given the opportunity to learn from our customers and help them achieve their goals, which is why our dedicated user experience (UX) team champion usability; UX being at the forefront of everything we do. 

Our user experience team’s focus is to provide users of iaptus with a smooth experience that supports the delivery of efficient, high quality and outcomes based care. This is done through a number of key activities including creating wireframes and prototypes, conducting user feedback sessions, usability testing and working closely with our product teams.  

We recently sat down with UX designer, Sarah Terry, to gain further insight into a recent project the team were particularly proud of. You can read the full story below, including feedback from Vita Health Group, Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust.

Can you tell us a little more about the national reporting project?

Each year there are dataset changes that are usually carried out in the hypercube section of iaptus by our software developers. However, last year we decided to approach those changes in a different way. We wanted to gain a clearer understanding of our users’ workflows, for running and submitting the National Reports which affects a large number of our clients. By understanding our users’ pain points with the current process our aim was to support services in improving their overall efficiencies when it comes to this task.

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What was the process of the project?

We shared a survey with our users and carried out a number of user feedback interviews to better understand what challenges our users were currently facing completing this task. Through conducting interviews we learnt that this task was very time consuming, taking almost two days every month to complete and involved a lot of repetition. This feedback identified a huge opportunity for us to improve efficiencies, which is why we started to plan a new feature in iaptus called National Reports. Our team developed the new feature which enabled users to run a single report or all 21 required reports at the exact same time.

What were the results?

Upon deployment, these changes meant that we were able to cut the reporting time down for our users significantly. All necessary reports can now be downloaded in less than 5 minutes! Throughout the testing period we received really positive feedback from services, they found the improvements in efficiency to be so significant that they would be happy to change their existing processes for running these reports. In our follow up survey users scored on average 9 out of 10 for overall satisfaction, we were thrilled with the results and feedback we’ve received since the tool has been deployed. 

What did our users say?

To put it simply, we’re pretty passionate about usability. iaptus was included in the usability survey for mental health, community and ambulance settings in 2022. iaptus was rated in the 100th percentile for usability experience. You can read more on our results here. 


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