[Press Release] Mayden Collaborates with Healthcare Gateway on psychological therapy dataset

psychological therapy dataset

Devon Partnership Trust is set to deploy a new psychological therapy dataset which will provide healthcare staff with real-time access to information.

The Mayden iaptus dataset uses the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) which provides information about a patient’s treatment status with seven tabs of data: patient demographics; episodes of care; assessments; outcome questionnaires; historic appointments; future appointments; and documents and letters.

Having this information in real-time, in one place, accessible from any setting will help clinicians to make informed decisions based on a holistic view of patients’ needs.

Currently, clinicians have to call Talking Therapies services to try to obtain necessary information. In addition they can avoid unnecessary re-referrals and appointments and it reduces crisis impact.

The psychological therapy dataset has been developed in a collaboration between Mayden and Healthcare Gateway with Devon Partnership Trust as the first-of-type customer to test it out.

Rafael Sorribas, chief information officer at Devon Partnership NHS Trust said: “There are clear benefits to the citizens of Devon from making this data available for direct care purposes beyond the service.

“25,000 patients are seen within our Talkworks service each year, that’s a significant proportion of the population who might need support elsewhere in the system and whose contact with services being known can ensure they receive the personalised support they need as quickly as possible. This is an incredibly positive thing to do, with few others having achieved it for this group of service users, and I am delighted to be part of making this happen here in Devon.”

By providing real time access to information held within Talking Therapies (Previously IAPT) services, ICSs can improve the coordination of their care, increase transparency and clinical efficiency and enhance the overall patient experience.

Fiona Dawson, director at Mayden, added: “Talking Therapy services have always been forward thinking in their utilisation of digital and data for the benefit of patients. Through this collaboration with our trusted partners, Healthcare Gateway, we are delighted to be able to support the psychological therapy dataset to be available to any healthcare setting. This will give real-time access to patient information when it is needed, improving the patient experience and supporting clinicians to provide better care.”

Mayden has previously collaborated with SilverCloud to develop a direct-to-digital approach, to ensure people with mental health issues have immediate access to the necessary services.


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