Our partners

Intellect is the go-to organisation for the UK tech industry. It is the trade association for the UK’s tech sector, which represents developers and suppliers of digital technology and services. Intellect has over 860 member companies including major multinationals, mid-sized firms and small businesses. Collectively these companies directly employ more than half a million people in the UK and their products and services are used by every part of the UK and global economy. Intellect’s vision is for the UK to be a leader in the development and use of digital technology for the benefit of the UK economy and its citizens.

Healthcare Gateway logoHealthcare Gateway connects information across healthcare systems. The Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) enables clinicians to securely share up-to-date patient data – whatever system they use and wherever they work in the UK.

The MIG is a national messaging service that can connect any healthcare system within a healthcare economy. Uniquely we can provide connectivity to more than 75 per cent of UK primary care systems. This gives Healthcare Gateway’s customers unparalleled, secure access to the cradle-to-grave health records of nearly all of the UK’s population. By mobilising this data via the MIG, healthcare providers are able to deliver safer, more efficient care.

PCTI LogoPCTI is a market leading supplier of electronic document management, workflow, collaboration and transfer software to the Healthcare sector. The company provides solutions into both primary and secondary care with more than 5500 GP practices processing nearly 3 million physical and electronic documents per week and holds detailed records for over 20 million patients. EDT Hub is used in over 75 Secondary Care settings within the UK for joining-up health communities and professionals through the seamless transfer of electronic documents.

Care Motive LogoCareMotive are Mayden’s partner in NHS Spine connectivity solutions. Our Spine Message Handler has been deployed to over 800 sites and facilitates communication with the NHS Spine for Choose and Book, PDS, Electronic prescription dispensing, CP-IS, and birth notifications.