Our network

Our network at Mayden

Our core business is supplying cloud-based software applications to the healthcare sector. Along with this, comes an underlying responsibility to provide a safe, secure and efficient mechanism to store and transmit confidential patient information.

As such, we have invested a huge amount of time and resource into developing a sophisticated N3 infrastructure utilising all the latest technologies.

We have three data centres across the country located in Bracknell, Rotherham and Bournemouth. Our data centres employ cloud technology with full redundancy for applications, data, bandwidth and power. In addition, mission critical applications can be mirrored across data centres over our private network to allow automatic failover where required.

The Mayden network is connected to the National NHS Network (N3) at both the Rotherham and Bournemouth data centres and our POP in London provides a redundant N3 connection to either facility.

To date, our N3 access has achieved 99.999% availability.

We are now making our infrastructure available for other suppliers to the NHS via our N3 hosting service. For detailed information about our infrastructure and our N3 hosting service please click here to visit our dedicated microsite.