User support

User support at Mayden

We understand how challenging it can be introducing new software in the workplace.  It requires staff to learn new systems and technology, and may result in wider changes to how services are organised.  We place user support at the centre of our service because we recognise that the benefit of new software will only be reaped if users feel confident with it and find that it improves the way they work. 

We use a well established protocol for making sure that users get the support and advice they need from the most appropriate person in a timely fashion. Our primary support systems are on-line and can be accessed from within your application – with full visibility of other user queries and how long we are taking to respond. And the people providing user support at Mayden are also the people who actually develop the software, so you can be sure you will get through to someone who really understands the product and can directly deal with your issues.