Mayden Pathways Screen Shot

Pathways is a cloud-based patient management system which is highly configurable to meet the specific needs of most community based services.

Within Pathways you will find all the day-to-day functionality you would expect from an electronic patient record (EPR) system, including registration, episode management, appointment booking, recording of contacts and clinical notes. But underpinning the system is a custom built care pathway which is designed to reflect the way that each individual service operates. This sits at the heart of Pathways and ensures that the system reflects your way of working, and supports your staff through the care process.

Pathways is a cloud based system, which means that your staff can access their patient notes securely wherever they need to, whether it be at a GP practice, clinic or even the patient’s own home.

We also understand that the information you collect as part of the care process is a hugely valuable source of data for reporting and analysis to see how your service is operating. Built within Pathways is a state of the art reporting and analysis tool, which allows organisations to drill down into data to get a detailed picture of how their service is performing and allow them to spot problem areas or bottlenecks. By reallocating resources, or redesigning services based on this information, our clients are able to make their services more efficient and increase productivity.

As we provide our software as a service, it means that Pathways is able to support your service as it evolves. As part of our ongoing service to our clients, we update and amend the care pathway in the patient management system as your service changes, so that the software always works seamlessly with the way that your staff deliver care.

Pathways gives our clients the peace of mind that no matter how their service changes or evolves in the future, their system is able to grow and adapt to support them.

For more in depth information about Pathways, please visit its dedicated microsite or feel free to get in touch.