Secure N3 hosting

Mayden secure hosted server racks

The NHS N3 network is a Wide Area IP Network (WAN), connecting many different sites across the NHS within England & Scotland. All NHS Trusts are connected to N3 and it is the infrastructure used by these organisations to securely access web applications. For this reason, the majority of healthcare software providers to the NHS run their applications over the N3 network.

Getting access to N3 can be a lengthy and costly process. It can also be difficult for those with clients working from non-NHS location to access the NHS network, meaning that charities or other organisations working with the NHS cannot access information.

M3 is our secure N3 hosting service. We provide the ability for charities, companies and other organisations working with, or for the NHS, to host their web applications on our secure N3 network. This may include hosting websites for providers that work on behalf of the NHS, or applications developed by companies which need to be accessed securely by their NHS clients or organisations working alongside the NHS (such as private or third sector organisations).

We can give your users access from N3 connected buildings and also non-NHS locations via our secure network, with options to access over N3, from the internet via our secure VPN, or a combination of both.

For more information on our network, infrastructure or M3 hosting service in general, please visit our M3 microsite or feel free to contact us to go through your specific requirements.