Information security

Mayden has over a decade of experience handling highly confidential patient data. We take our information governance responsibilities very seriously.

The company is ISO 27001:2013 accredited. This internationally recognised information security management standard ensures that a business has stringent processes in place to identify, manage and reduce risks to information security.

ISO 27001 certification required more than 100 different controls and measures to be put in place to prevent, detect and correct security risks. An organisation’s ability to achieve this stringent level of information security relies upon numerous people, processes and applications working in synchrony.

Mayden has been accredited to ISO 27001:2013, certificate number IS 621874 for the following scope:

“The provision of bespoke cloud based web applications and managed services, primarily to the healthcare sector, in accordance with the Statement of Applicability, version 1, dated April 2015”.

We have invested significantly in securing our networks to make sure that confidential and sensitive data can only be accessed by those who are authorised to see it. We have rigorous disaster recovery procedures in place to ensure that data is continually backed up.

We have implemented a host of policies and procedures to ensure that your data is handled with the utmost care and respect. Mayden’s internal Information Governance Group carries out internal audits and review policies on an ongoing basis to ensure that security requirements continue to adapt as risks change.

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