Cancer news

Irregular sleep patterns linked to cancer

Study suggests poor sleeping patterns lead to cancer in tests on mice. Read More

Lung cancer in women reaches 20,000 a year

Cases of lung cancer in women in the UK has topped 20,000 a year. Read More

Lung cancer deaths in women has risen

Researchers say lung cancer fatalities will be higher than breast cancer for the first time this year. Read More

Rise in CT scans

Experts say there has been a sharp rise in the number of children and adults having CT scans. Read More

Daily aspirin can cut bowel cancer deaths

Bowel and stomach cancer deaths can be reduced by taking an aspirin every day. Read More

England sees sharp rise in liver and skin cancer

Figures show a sharp rise in the number of people diagnosed with skin and liver cancer in England. Read More

Fewer than 5% of centenarians die of cancer

Those who live longer than 100 years are less likely to die of cancer or heart disease than between the ages of 80 to 84. Read More

Refugees missing out on cancer treatment

Funds for cancer treatment have been identified as insufficient as new study calls for change in current policy. Read More

Cancer sufferers are living longer than they were in the 1970s

Half of cancer sufferers in England and Wales have life-expectancies of ten years or more. Read More

Skin cancer rates five times higher than 1970s

Statistics show that a dangerous skin cancer is five times more likely now than it was in the mid-1970s. Read More

Targeted radiation could help fight breast cancer

A new study suggests delivering radiation directly to tumours may slow progression of breast cancer. Read More

Vitamin C boosts effects of chemotherapy

Injections of high doses of vitamin C alongside chemotherapy can reduce the side-effects. Read More

Heat detects cervical cancer

US scientists say heat used to examine blood can detect cancer. Read More

'Sticky balls' can destroy tumour cells

Early research suggests cancer-killing 'sticky balls' may stop cancer spreading. Read More

Depression can speed up ageing

Study suggests depression can make us biologically older. Read More