10th Anniversary Brainteaser


We just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who participated in the Christmas 2013 Mayden Brainteaser, when we invited you to take the fastest modes of transport possible to join us at at the exclusive Mayden Christmas Party!

We have provided some analysis so that you can see which methods of travel entrants chose to reach the party in time for the canapes – it may not have been as straightforward as you may have originally thought!

Click here to see the analysis of the Christmas 2013 Brainteaser.

Congratulations to the worthy winner who has been notified that they have won a £100 Amazon voucher. This challenge was no easy feat, so well done from all of us here at Mayden.

Have you got what it takes to work out our Summer Brainteaser…?

We are delighted to be celebrating our tenth anniversary in 2014. It’s undoubtedly been thanks to our clients, partners and friends that we have been able to grow and develop throughout the last ten years to become the company we are today. A decade on, we still really believe in our original vision – that our software solutions have the power to change the way services are delivered, and experienced by those services’ patients. It’s this that motivates us to work closely with our clients and partners to continually innovate and seek new and improved ways of getting things done together.

However we also like to have a little bit of fun with our friends, so why not join us in marking our tenth year…

The Mayden Christmas Party seems a long time ago now and we are enjoying an undoubtedly delightful summer… by British standards! Are you gazing wistfully out of your office window at a lovely sunny day? Do you need a distraction from wishing you were “out there” rather than “in here” sitting at your desk? Then look no further as we have the answer. It’s time for another brain twistingly tricky Brainteaser from your friends here at Mayden…

Here’s a hint… our website and our 10th Anniversary brochure could be very valuable tools in helping you to get your hands on a £100 Amazon voucher…  It’s free to enter, so why not have a go!

So, here’s the challenge:

Estimate the total staff headcount at Mayden at the end of each of our 10 years of business. We started with 3 in April 2004 and we had 48 staff at the end of March 2014

Tiebreaker Question:

What percentage of current Mayden staff are Software Developers?

How the winner will be selected

The winner will be the entrant who submits the employee growth profile which most closely correlates with the actual profile (calculated as the lowest total once the difference between actual and estimated staff has been calculated for each of the 9 years from 2005-2013).


To enter, just fill in the form below! You can submit up to 10 different guesses!

Good luck everybody!
The Mayden Team


Additional information and Terms and Conditions of entry:

  • To qualify you must provide us with a valid email address.
  • You may enter this Brainteaser competition up to 10 times. Entries over the tenth will be disqualified.
  • The competition is open to anyone resident in the UK who is a client, supplier or associate of Mayden, or knows someone who is, or works in the NHS or any other healthcare organisation or related industry.
  • Employees of Mayden and family members are exempt from winning the Amazon voucher.
  • The competition will close at midnight on 30th September 2014.
  • The winner will be notified by email and will be sent an Amazon voucher to the email address supplied.
  • All entrants will be sent a short analysis of the results – by email – once the competition has closed.
  • Email addresses are required for us to contact the winner, and to share an analysis of the results with those who entered the competition. Email addresses supplied will not be shared with any third parties.